Sunday, May 29, 2011

Drag and Drop added!

I now have drag and drop support for images. It is pretty powerful - you can import any image type PIL supports (including png, jpeg, gif, pbm, pgm, ppm, tiff, targa, rast, xbm, and bmp among others). This should help speed up the workflow. Note that is converts all images to png internally to maintain compatibility with swfc - this may use up extra space if you are importing many images.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

HTML5 animation working!

HTML5 animation is now working in the latest build, available from launchpad. No actionscript yet.

Demo video

I have made the first video showing some of the basic features of SWIFT. It is by no means a comprehensive list. Here it is:

Blog created!

I have finally created a blog for SWIFT! For anyone who is seeing this for the first time, SWIFT (which stands for "ShockWave Is Free Territory") is an open-source animated content creator. Besides creating .SWFs, it can also create HTML5 content, making your web apps future-proof. SWIFT includes an ActionScript editor to bring advanced functionality to your applications. SWIFT uses swfc for compiling and GNASH for playback. It is still in early alpha stage, but can be used effectively already. It currently runs on Linux only. I have made a Mac port, but it is ugly (i.e. it takes upwards of 3 hours to install, doesn't completely work right, and installs a lot of useless junk on your system). Windows ports will come later.
I will use this site to post about my progress on SWIFT. For general information, see my website (currently under construction.)